Full In - Full Out to celebrate first blog post with 6 Part "Rio Glory" series!

Full In – Full Out takes the gymnastics blogging world by storm with their newly launched blog site about everything gymnastics. Talking about everything from U.S. Elite Gymnastics in the Junior and Senior ranks, they’re not shy to point of the flaws, the competitiveness, and of course talk about the glory. That is why FIFO is launching their first blog series titled “Rio Glory” where they will have a six part series where each part will talk about the individual medalist for team USA during the Rio Olympics. To start the series off they’ve launched “Gold & Silver” which talks about the historic AA (All-Around) Final where USA went "One & Two" during the final to take Gold and Silver for the USA. It comes two days after the USA won their second consecutive team final Gold medal, third overall. FIFO is a unique blog that is just getting starting but news of this caliber and appreciation to the nations best athletes is surely going to put them on the map as the “Blog to watch out for” which isn’t bad because the blogging community needs fresh, new talent, that can show the highlights, the poor outcomes, and everything gymnastics.

Alexandra "Aly" Raisman and Simone Biles hug after going 1 & 2 in the All-Around Final!"

Full In - Full Out

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